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The truth about vaccines, what they're not telling you, raising non vaccinated children, and how

Carcinogens Neurotoxin Live viruses and bacteria Human and animal DNA Aborted fetuses Aluminum Mercury What’s do all these have in common?(🗣ALL OF THEM ARE IN YOUR VACCINES)

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HEP. B unnecessary for newborn infants

Taking a vaccines for something later is not sufficient though especially when by the time they actually get of that age to be sexually active, handling needles, ETC. The said vaccine would not be efficient nor even present and those are facts. So why vaccinate for now instead or later there’s no scientific reasoning for vaccinating a 1 day old infant with it unless itself is present (parents)

Vaccines are legally classified as


The vaccine industry has always and will always have legal immunity

Which means “if and when anything happens to your child while taking these vaccines you can not sue the vaccine industry!”

Why not?

Think about it!

Because if you sue them they don’t have any standpoint to prove that the vaccine didn’t cause those problems

I get asked all the time are my boys vaccinated the answer is yes and no

Understand Mari was born in 2007 he has most of his vaccines except the new ones they’ve came up with which is 16 (won’t happen)

KHALP 2011 doesn’t have all of his and they weren’t taken on time neither (won’t be getting any)

Skyy 2017 is our non vaccinated child (self explained)

After knowing what I know now I do notice a significant difference between the boys although both boys are extremely smart KHALP retains and holds a lot of information faster and longer than Mari. His attention span is better as well which should be the opposite considering their age difference

They don’t like to link vaccines to a lot of things, but it inevitable

There have been over twenty infant formula recalls since 1980 involving ingredients, pollution with pathogens, adulteration with foreign substances like glass, lack of required nutrients, foul smells, etc. • Rocket fuel, phthalates, melamine, and high levels of heavy metals have been found in infant formula. • There is no FDA regulation of infant formula; proof of safety is left to the manufacturers. • Additives to infant formula, such as iron, DHA, ARA and laboratory-made folic acid are all problematic. • Heat damages the protein in formulas forming advanced glycation end products as well as compromising the nutritional value.


It is important to detox as much as possible

Your body need and deserves it Especially if you aren’t a vegetarian or vegan


It helps aid you when things like the cold and flu season occur


Help to prevent and treat the FLU as well

Cinnamon Cloves Eucalyptus Pine oils

All of these

We use a diffuser/humidifier everyday all day and night

The Real Flu Shot

ACV (1tbsp) WATER FRESH GINGER (1tbsp) FRESH TUMERIC (1tbsp) Dash of black pepper Little bit of honey Dash of cayenne pepper Cinnamon (1tbsp)

Drink before you get sick add garlic if already sick

🗣yes it’s nasty so don’t ask

Or drink herbal teas 24/7 especially during winter Antioxidants are your best friend Green Tea


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