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Why Black Mothers don't breastfeed and why they should.

HUMAN MILK IS FOR HUMAN BABIES I often wonder why it has become a norm, especially in our community, for black mothers not to breastfeed — and it wasn’t until recently when I started my journey to become a Doula that it was oh so clear as to why we as black mothers don’t or just simply won’t breastfeed.

The lack of knowledge, proactive teaching, voices and encouragement is just not there.

We aren’t taught that it’s vital for our brown babies to be nourished through our bodies or that we are stronger than we think we are. We aren’t shown that we can feed our babies rather than the alternative of formula feeding.

Me being a 28 year old mother, pro-black, pro natural living, holistic, vegetarian, breastfeeding queen is not what society says is the “norm”, but why can’t it be!

If there’s one thing I’d like to leave with knowing I’ve made sure to voice is that “we as black women are the most powerful creatures known: we are capable of all!”

We need more help, knowledge, and more importantly SUPPORT.


Atlanta, GA.


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