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Raising a Brown Daughter

Generational self hate is not talked about enough especially in our community when it comes to raising our black girls! We still live in a society that still think European standards are what beauty should look like. we have To ask ourselves are we modeling radical black self love in our homes. The conscious of the mother sets the tone of the household. If she sees herself as a beautiful natural queen then that will resonant in her children as well. How do you tell a child to love themselves when you’re not instilling that in them. Can’t tell a child their hair is nappy or referring to other children of smoother texture hair “pretty hair” and expect your child to think the same if that’s not what you’re telling them. we can’t ignore the fact that we still live in a society where our black isn’t considered beautiful nor enough. It’s damn well time that changed. MY BEAUTIFUL BROWN GIRL


Atlanta, GA.


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