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Undoing childhood trauma

You can’t just slay your demons you have to dissect them and find out what they’ve been feeding on. Self care starts with healing. Most people know they are victims of childhood trauma or know how to identify it yet along defeat it. Whiteness or experienced violence as a child or your caretakers emotionally or physically neglected you, when you grow up in a traumatizing environment you are likely to still show signs of that trauma as an adult. Victim hood thinking What we think and believe about ourselves drives our self-talk. The way we talk to ourselves can empower or destroy us. Negative self-talk destroys us and makes us feel like we have no control over our lives — like victims. We may have been victimized as children, but we don't have to remain victims as adults. Knowing your triggers will help you through those trials. Making excuses for your passive aggressive actions is not a solution. 


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