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How you going to judge a woman by her birthing choice?!

I’ve been tagged in this lotus birth picture all day today and some I just commented on because I saw it. The lotus birth can only lead to higher risk if not properly taken care of yes some think there is no added benefit to doing the lotus birth because it hasn’t been scientifically proven to benefit but still it shouldn’t be deemed unsafe just because the medical society says and that’s coming from a person that is on both ends. The lotus birth may not be for everyone, but you definitely shouldn’t discourage people who may want to experience that for themselves it hasn’t been scientifically proven to be beneficial, but on the spiritual aspect of it most mothers stem from the fact that the placenta is for the baby and holds a safe haven and connection to the baby it’s like the assumption that the placenta is now handing over something that it took care of to you to care and nurture now. It’s spiritual. People are making so many discouraging and disrespectful remarks towards the community of the natural and holistic society of women who do these things, but have yet to look at there own lifestyles. 

Always have your BIRTH PLAN type and available So if they do anything to you, placenta, or your baby without your permission you can demolish their ass without warning all is fair in a lawsuit The thief of stem cells is real The threats of C sections is real The black market is real


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