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Holistic Mama

 My experience and involvement with living a holistic lifestyle is as minimal as possible you take care of your body it will take care of you! We live a very simplistic lifestyle so it’s only right that we’re vegetarians and raising our kids the same. Herbalism mean to me living the best you! From my head to toe, and womb! I care for my body with all natural products inside and out. I drunk herbal teas and used herbal baths before and after the birth of my last daughter via water birth and I’ve never felt better. I use teas for antioxidants purposes, sleep aids, boosters, etc. even our baths are just as pleasant. I’m a advocate for holistic care there’s not a disease nor sickness an herb cannot cure!  The teas I use on a regular basis are green teas which are antioxidants, detox teas with lemon, and alkaline water which are all beneficial to a thriving body and emerging soul. When I first came home from delivery I immediately gave me and my daughter a herbal bath for both of us to heal me from my wounds and her from her experience it’s vital to ease soreness from Birth traditionally in Haitian culture you’re given a Haitian bath a blend of natural herbs and leaves which I’ve altered the blend to meet my needs and hers especially consisting of Rose, lavender, calendula, red raspberry, sea salt, witch hazel, chamomile and juniper. You can read more on the blends I make on my site All ranging from Wombman Congested bath blend Sweet dreams bath blend Baby soft skin Relax fussy baby “If you take care of your body it will take care of you” 


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