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Detox Detox Detox

so what are the health benefits of this lemon, ginger, and turmeric detox tea? let’s break it down ingredient by ingredient since there are only 5 ingredients. lemons – can aid the body in removal and prevention; from flushing out the kidneys to preventing kidney stones and urinary tract infections. also a good source of vitamin c which is one of the most ‘important antioxidants in nature’. ginger – my go-to for any type of tummy trouble. ginger increases the speed at which food empties from the stomach into the intestines; therefore, it helps with indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, and gas. it’s also super effective in helping with inflammation. turmeric – another powerful anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants. curcumin, the main ingredient in turmeric, supports the immune system in its ability to fight infection and it has pain relieving properties {good-bye headaches}. cayenne – not only will it add a spicy kick to this tonic, but it will take care of your insides too. it can help with inflammation and weight loss, and give your immune system a boost with its high content of beta-carotene. cinnamon – more antioxidants to help fight infection. and cinnamon has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity thus promoting more stable blood sugar levels. 

6 c water 1 chunk fresh ginger {approximately 5-6" in length} 3 cinnamon sticks 1 tsp ground turmeric ½ tsp cayenne pepper 6 fresh lemons 

Servings: 6-12


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