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You cannot be emotionally invested in other people approvals to sustain your own happiness

The kitchen is not gender specific that why the boys wash dishes too Self sufficiency is the goal not gender roles!  How many times were you told girls clean and men work while you were younger so now we’re stuck with men who feel like women only amount to being housewives and 50/50 bill payers. 

Why weren’t men taught to be just as independent as women?

Why are they told always take care of themselves, but women are suppose to take care of them, their children, and manage to keep themselves appealing for the mans eye.

Why are so many boys told “that’s a woman job” then wonder why they’re so confused on how to treat and speak to a woman in regards to essential living needs. 

How do we expect our boys to honor their families when they aren’t taught to respect them in the first place.

Can’t teach a person responsibility when all they know is self and selfishness. 

Raising men  


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