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Dolls do not make your sons gay!

Boys and girls should learn nurturing and empathy! Older generation want to keep the cycle of homophobia and toxic masculinity alive which is hindering our boys natural ability to learn to care in a positive manner. Boys have to learn how to care for other humans. Girls are taughts this from birth. We cannot keep asking our men to be nurturing without giving them the space to play and practice the way we do with our girls! Children are born free! We should be vigilant and remind ourselves that practice harmaful, nonfactional beleifs isn’t protecting them, but indeed Harming them and their future selves. Taking care of babies isn’t just a woman role! Stop trying to fucking feminize it. 

Responsible loving Human individuals is the goal!

Not unemotional boys who turn into unemotional men. 

That’s quality should be fostered in all human beings not just girl!


Atlanta, GA.


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