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White doesn’t mean better

Just because you come up doesn’t mean you send your kids to private schools This is just my own opinion so don’t come for me I hate the mentality that some brown people have that just because it’s a private school you get a better education! Let’s break down what that actually translates into you meaning you learn how to take test better, you memorize white people in history better?! And this has nothing to do with my own traditional learning thoughts unlearning unschooling This has all to do with the fact that our people as a collective still think that the success of us as a whole still remains at the hands of another race! Meaning y’all still feel like “if we do it like them, or do as they say we will be successful!” Rewind to “if I do as massa tell me I won’t get beat!” Formative hostile environments Placing your children in environments where they’re only taught what society feels they want them to know rather than what they should know Thinking that the closer to “whiteness” you get the better things will be! “Oh if my child is with the white kids I know they’ll learn better!” “Oh it’s full of white kids I know this place is better!” Color analogy does not equate a better nor worse outcome! 


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