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Though the chains are cut and the trees no longer bore strange fruit oppression is still continuing.

let’s not confuse racism with prejudice. Prejudice is the belief that a person or a group of people are less than because of who they are. In other words, if a black woman tells you not to bring your bland, raisin-infused potato salad to the cookout because “white folks think salt is the best way to season food,” she’s not being racist. She’s displaying prejudice against you and people like you (and against your potato salad). Black people can be prejudiced as hell, just like any other group of people. As a matter of fact, I think all humans are prejudiced in one way or another. But just because a black person hurt your feelings that one time doesn’t mean you’ve experienced racism. This is where I’m going to lose some of you: I don’t believe that people of color can be racist in America. They don’t live in a country where the laws, norms and rules benefit them. White people ― er, white men ― were running the show around here long before the ink on the Declaration of Independence was dry. Racism is the oppression of a marginalized group in a society that is based on white supremacy. If you are a white person, then you naturally benefit from white privilege. A whole lot of facts from different people And for the man that’s trying to compare pro white to pro black I couldn’t take anything he would have to say seriously because he honestly believe white women are superior and he only dates white women, but yet they are the ones dragging them Through hell and beyond

How can you be pro black and still support your oppressors Can you stand around your white woman and speak profoundly in conjunction with pro black, the injustice, and speak on how they are as a whole comfortably or do you have to watch what you say and tip toe


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