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The crunchy mother and the teething daughter

So Skyylotus is going through her leap and she getting a lot of teeth at once currently the back molars are cutting through and giving my poor girl the toughest time, but thankfully we know just what to do. Here’s a little insight for any other mother going through this phase hope it helps. 

Pair these along with a herbal bath blend steamed with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils

Natural remedies for teething Vanilla contains a soothing agent that can reduce a baby's anxiety. Also, the trace amounts of alcohol found in the extract creates a warm, comforting sensation. Soak a cotton swab with the extract and apply to your baby's gums. Chamomile to provide pain and irritability relief, Poke to soothe the gums, and Chinese Rhubarb which can help with the diarrhea that is sometimes associated with teething. Cloves contain oils that have warming, numbing properties. Mix ground cloves with water, coconut oil, or unsalted butter, and chill in the fridge to make a paste that can be rubbed on the gums. Clove Essential Oil works great too! Ginger is a natural anti inflammatory that helps to relieve teething pain by soothing the nerve endings in the gums. For the strongest effect, rub a slice of peeled ginger over your baby's gums for 2-3 minutes. 


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